How to Overcome The Thinking: “Am I Good Enough?”

Am I good enough?

This is a question that is as old as time itself and it’s a question that has held many business professionals back from accomplishing their goals.

No matter what your answer is to this question, we are going to take a look at what your answer should be and how you can change it from “maybe” or “I don’t know” to a resounding yes almost overnight.

If wondering if you are truly good enough has stopped you from achieving your business goals and you are wondering what you can do to change that, read on as I will explain to you, in full detail, how you can change the way that your mind perceives yourself and subconsciously enable yourself to become more confident and able to handle whatever today’s business world throws at you.

Embracing Failure

Most people are afraid of failure and that’s normal. Inherently, none of us really want to fail, but did you know that failure is also a great teacher?

Failing at something that we have never done before is how we learn to do that task better.

Many of the great titans of the business world have failed over and over until they found the formula to success.

Failure, if used properly, can be one of your best tools on the road to success. When we learn from our failures, we get better at what we do and that can open the doors to many successful opportunities ahead.

Being Successful Is All in Your Head

Subconsciously, your mind wants you to succeed in everything you do. Be it business, relationships or just life in general, we are all programmed for success. The key to that success is finding just the right formula that works for us and unlocking our true potential.

I’m going to let you in on a little known secret that can literally change your life forever: by surrounding yourself with success, you can psychologically train your mind to think, act and be successful. The most successful business and political leaders know this secret and have used it for centuries to build their businesses and their fortunes.

Think rich and become rich. This is a slogan that has been overused by many of the self-help gurus over the past couple of decades and, as cliché as it sounds, this idea holds a great deal of truth. By re-programming your mind to think that you can do almost anything, you will have a much easier time getting started on everything from a small project to an online business.

Sometimes, the most important step is the first one and you don’t want to miss it for fear of failure.

Preparing to Make Money Online

Starting an online business, or any business for that matter, takes a lot of time, dedication and the right mindset. By changing the way you think about business and yourself, you will be creating an environment that is more conducive to success and wealth. Only YOU can make the decision as to whether or not you are good enough and only you can decide not to fail.

If you go into a new business and are trying to make money online, you should know first and foremost that if you think you are not good enough to do it, you have already decreased your chances of success by almost 50%.

Go into it unprepared, and you have just lost another 50% and welcomed failure.

Being prepared both tangibly and mentally will ensure that you have a much better chance at succeeding and your online business will flourish.

Studies have shown that less than 1 percent of businesses that were started on an idea and nothing more actually succeed. Forget what you have read about that cool new start up in Seattle or the guy who started selling shoes out of his garage. Success stories like these are far and few between and with the advent of today’s more technological business world, you need more than a good idea.

Creating a Money Making Mindset

You need the will, the means and the mindset to achieve your goals. I am not saying that you should become a follower and let the leaders take over, far from that. What I am saying is that you should emulate those who have gone before you as these are the people who have been where you are and have succeeded in the very same ways that you want to succeed.

Their business philosophies can help you along the way and perhaps you can learn from their mistakes without having to make too many of your own.

Starting an online business shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a business just like anything else and if you go into it without knowing full well what you are getting into, you could end up losing a lot of time, money and confidence. You have to rid yourself of the “Am I good enough?” mindset and take charge of your life. You need to be able to stand up and shout “I am good enough and I can do anything I set my mind to!” This is the mindset you need to be in if you want to make money online and be successful!

Is it hard work? Yes. Will it all be worth it? Of course!

Starting your own business can be challenging and rewarding all in the same day, but when you sit back and reap the rewards of being your own boss, operating a successful business and having the confidence to move mountains, you will know that, yes, you are good enough!

In Conclusion

Are you good enough? Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? It takes courage, confidence and the right mindset.

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, click here to discover how to reprogram your mind and get rid of negative thoughts. It contains life changing information that you need to become more successful and build your financial fortune!

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The Internet Marketing Magicbox

I put together a list of my favorite internet marketing resources, guides and tools. These tools have helped me greatly along the way and above all they are FREE!

I also created a Pdf version for easy reference.

Hope you find it useful, cool and handy! 🙂

PDF Version


Web Hosting









Free Domain Tools

NameCheap – One of the best domain registrar!


Pc Names – Great instant domain check engine!

Domain Tools – Search for expired domains!

Dot O Mator – Web tool that suggests site names based on prefixes and suffixes

Domains Bot -Turn your ideas into killer domains!

Deleted Domains

Bust A Name – This tool will help you find domain names!

Domin Typo Generator -This tool will generate a list of common misspellings for the given domain name.



Free Guides on Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Free Internet  Marketing, Advertising and Business Ebooks

7 Totally Free Ways To Get More Traffic

Creating an Online Business 101

All About Internet Marketing

An Introduction to Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketers Handbook

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Strategies

Free Report on Article Marketing

Article Leverage System

Free Videos on Article Marketing

Quickest Way to Online Profits

The Problem with Affiliate Links

Digital Product Profits


Free ebooks with Resell Rights  – Register to get Free PRIVATE  ACCESS to 1000’s of Money Making Resale and Private Label Rights Digital Product That You Can Resell and Keep 100% Profit!   – This site offers 263 free ebooks with resell rights to all visitors.


Free SEO Guides and Tutorials

SEO in practice – Superb free SEO guide!

Top 10 SEO Tips


Self SEO

Google SEO Starter Guide


Free SEO Software

SEO Surf – Great software to optimize your website and study your competitor’s websites!

SEO Spyglass – Another tool to spy on your competitors!


Free Web Templates

Free Layouts

Templates Box

e-Web Templates – Download Free Templates – Web, eCommerce, CMS, Blog, Mobile templates, Images, Logos and more

Ex Designz – Provides FREE (Open Source) XHTML, CSS tableless layout Web templates which are nice looking, professional and can be used free for personal and business Websites.

Free Web Templates – Good selection of templates, buttons and backgrounds, including business templates, fan club templates, frames templates, gaming templates,and user templates too.  They also offer a help forum.

Template Yes

Free Website Templates

2 Create Website

Templates Perfect

2D Web Design

Hero Templates

50  Free CSS/(X)HTML Templates

Stunning HTML email Templates

Template World

Template Monster

100 Free Super High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates

Dreamline Studio

99 High-Quality Free (X)HTML/CSS Templates



40+ Free High Quality CSS/HTML Templates

Free CSS Templates

Oswd – This site offers over 2000 free templates that you can share!

Open Designs

Templates Basket – You can download UNLIMITED Templates!

Free Mail Templates – Free Email Templates

Mar Baro – A collection of free HTML Templates built using tableless XHTML and CSS. The only rule is that if you use this templates for free, you need to leave the link back to my website intact.

Graphics by Design – Templates and more!

Elated – Excellent collection of over  40 site templates. Each contains multiple page layouts, HTML code and graphics.

Free Templates Online – Free templates resource.

Download professional web templates absolutely free of charge

Free Site Templates – Excellent selection of templates in many different styles, including business designs, personal sites and fast loading pages.Some designs are really amazing!

GW Web Design – Download the zip file. Templates are PSP format, some PhotoShop knowledge is needed.

Hoover Web Design – Free Web templates and free Web interfaces ready for you to download! J

Templates Hunt – Many FREE Templates to donwload!

Steve Templates – It is required a link back to “ as stated in their Terms and Conditions

Web Zone Templates – Free business, flash templates,generic templates and high tech templates.


Free Sales Page Graphics

Smart Graphics Creator


Free HTML Tutorials, learn everything about HTML

W3Schools – This is the world’s largest web development site.Learn how to create websites!


Page Tutor – All sorts of HTML, Javascript and web authoring tutorials, from absolute beginner stuff to more advanced material.

BoogieJack – HTML and CSS Explained in Plain English

YourHTMLsource – One of the few web development tutorial sites that has been kept modern along the way.They have many stuff!

Best HTML Tutorials – Create a website the easy way!

Html Tutorials By John C. Gilson – Many HMTL Lessons and Tutorials

Writing Html – You can download the tutorial files!

Web Source – Your Guide to Professional Web Site Design and Development.It is a great source to learn HMTL and even has codes that you can copy and paste to add to your site!

Website Tips – Tutorials,Tips ang many great resources inside!


Html Code Tutorial

Dynamic Drive


Free PSD Website Templates (with psd files!)

70+ Ultimate Round-Up of Free PSD Website Templates

Best Free Web Resources

Free Photoshop Templates


Web Appers – 25 Slick PSD Website Templates Free for Download

FreePSD – Everything Photoshop! Free psd templates and free wordpress themes.

150 Best Free PSD Templates


Free Minisites templates with PSD! – This site offer free ebooks,reports,videos graphics,software,wordpress themes and minisite templates!

7 Minisite Graphic Templates


Free Minisites Templates WITHOUT PSD



GreatMiniSiteTemplates – Over 100 minisite templates!

Hot Minisites Templates – 10 super hot minisite tempaltes!


Quick Site Studio – 7 professionally designed minisite templates!

Minisite Business Template

Power Minisites – You can download 10 Free Minisite templates

Snoob Design

Brave Minisite Templates


Free WordPress Themes

Excellent WordPress Themes

WordPressThemesBase – Great collection of very good free wordpress themes.

FreeWPThemes – Free WordPress themes directory! Over 1300 themes!

WP Explorer – Download some of the best themes out there!

SkinPress – A collection of high quality free wordpress themes with adsense support,and twritter support!


Themes Rock-kitty – “Free WordPress Themes and Premium WordPress Themes”




Free eCover Creators


Create eCovers for Free!

Cover Commander

Donation Coder

Free Software Box Creator


Free Logo Creators

Free Logo Maker

Logo Maker

Logo Ease – Professional quality logos with few clicks!

Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator

CoolText Graphics Generator

The Logo Creator


AAA Logo (Free Trial)

3D Logo and Banner Creator

Free Logo Services


Free Banner Creators

Banner Break

Banner Builder

My Banner Maker – Create free banners online easily for your Myspace, Youtube, or just about any other website!

Live Banner Maker

Banner Generator

Banner Snack

Free banner creator – Free banner creator,Create custom ad banners online!


Quick Banner

Banner Sketch


Free Photoshop Tools

– Brushes

Get Brushes – Incredible collection of themed brushes!



Brushes and Patterns




220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

750+ Free Photoshop LayerStyles

300+ Free Layer Styles


Free Website Builders/Creators

Weebly – Create a website super fast!
Professional Websites in minutes!
Web Page Creator – Create web pages for free!
WebStarts – It is considered the #1 free website builder!

Free HTML editors

NVU – A great editor to edit your web pages!

Page Breeze– This is an affiliate marketing tool that covers all WYSIWYG editing basics for your web pages.

CoffeeCup Editor



Komodo Edit


Trellian Webpage



Free Article Spinning Tools

FreeArticleSpinner – Write article in seconds!




Free FTP Software




Core FTP



Free Keyword Suggestion/Research and Trend Tools

Google Keyword Tool


Keyword List Generator

Wordtracker/Free Keywords

Yahoo Buzz


Good Keywords  (Free Trial)

KGen  (Firefox add on) – This is a great extension of Firefox that allows you to see what keywords are strong on visited web pages for search engines.It is also a good tool to “spy” your competitors keyword strategies.

SEO Book

Keyword Finder





Free Link Building and Analysis Tools

Link Search Tool

Google Webmaster Tools

Backlink Checker

Bulk Backlink Checker

Link Dagniosis – Great Tool to examine your link competition!

Backlink Watch – Check a website’s backlink URL’s, anchor text and total outbound links!

Hub Finder

Backlink Analyzer – This tool performs many of the same tasks of SEO Elite but for free!


Free Trackers and Traffic MonitoringTools

Aaddzz– Many counters and trackers with an incredible number of font styles!

 eXtremeTracking– One of the best trackers!

Google Analytics



Yahoo Analytics


5 Second Test



Free Bookmarking Tools

Transmute – Bookmark converter to export bookmarks between all of the major web browsers: Chrome,Firefox,Microsoft Internet Explorer,Safari,Opera and more!

Magic Bookmarks – Another tool to save your favorite sites in an organized way and allows to open multiple sites.

Google Bookmarks– It allows you to save and create bookmarks that can be accessed anywhere.



Free Mail Tools

Email Extractor – Easy-to-use tool to recover your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact files.

1&1 Mail – Great free email marketing software to help small and medium business send out mass email campaigns with confidence, and manage email newsletters.

Bravenet – Build your mailing list and you can also send newsletters with this free autoresponder!

Mail Tester– Check if an email address is valid or not!


Free PDF Creators




PDF Converter

PDF Online



Free PDF to Word Converters


HelloPDF – PDF to Word Converter

Free PDF to Word Converter


Great Free Misc.PDF Tools!

OpenOffice – The greatest free alternative to Word! It has a feature that convert .doc to PDF!

PDF Forms Designer – A great tool that let you edit existing pdf!

PDF Hammer – Free Online PDF Editor!

Web2PDF –  Great tool that let you add a “save page as PDF” button to your website!

BullZip – Write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application. You can also set passwords,encrypt and add watermarks!

RSS2PDF –  Create a PDF from an RSS Feed!

PDF to MP3 – Amazing tool converts a PDF to an MP3!

HTML to PDF –  Another amazing tool that convert any webpage to a PDF!


Free Personal Finance Tools

Money Manager – Great software which helps you organize your finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. Simple,fast and clean!

AceMoneyLite – Very easy software that helps you manage your budgets,track spending habits,do online banking and more!

HomeBank – Simple,  user interface, allows for tracking of accounts, payees, assignments, archives, budgets, and categories including bank, cash, asset, credit card and liabilities.


Niche Research Sites: Finding Killer Topics to write about

Amazon Bestsellers

Barnes and Nobles BestSellers

Magazines – Amazing site to find HOT topics!


Trend Watching

Google Trends

Yahoo Buzz





Tips and Answers




Paypal Shops

Trend Hunter

AOL Hot Searches


Free Affiliate Marketing Tools

Clickbank Commission Calculator – This tool will tell you exactly how much commission both the affiliate and the merchant will receive from ClickBank!

CBEngine – An incredible site to analyze Clickbank products!

Tracking202 –  Affiliate Marketers can track, monitor, and calculate all your PPC  accounts and campaigns.

LinkedTube – LinkedTube is an outstanding free and valuable tool for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to get into Video Marketing!


Joint Ventures sites

JV Millionaires – Great Joint Venture Network!

JV Notify Pro

JV University

JV Alert


Free Classified Ads (Post Classified ads for free!)

Free Ad Forum






Top Firefox Add-Ons

Feedly – Feedly automatically imports your Live Bookmarks, Google Reader Feeds and Twitter followers, and combines the data into a clean magazine interface that’s immediately readable.

PDF Download – Use this tool to eliminate browser problems, view PDFs directly in Firefox as HTML.

Xmarks Sync – #1 bookmarking add-on. Keep your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs backed up across computers

Deja Click – Record your favorite browser activities and also create bookmarks!

Ad Block – Block annoying adverts!

ScribeFire – With this add on you can easily post web content to your blog!

Safe Browsing Tool – Safe surfing tool for your browser. Traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust when you search, shop and surf on the Web.


Free Audio Tools and Resources

Audacity – free and great software for recording and editing sounds.

Audio Toolbox – Top quality sound recording software!

Free Conference Call – Great tool! Your teleconferencing line is available to you 24/7!

Voices – Incredible site to find talents for you voice over projects!


Free Website Tools

Bravenet-Guestbook – Add a guestbook to your website!

Bravent-Chat– Keep in touch with your friends or offer customer support!

Users Online – Monitor your visitors via a browser

Faq Section – Add a faq section to your website

Speaking Character – Add easily a speaking character to your website!

Browser Shots – Check how your site looks in various screen resolutions!


Free WordPress Tutorials

SiteGround – WordPress tutorial

IThemes – Many great tutorials on how to install WordPress.

Free WordPress Tutorials – Complete list of tutorials organized by skill level! ((beginning, intermediate, advanced))

ThemeLab – WordPress guides,techniques and more!

135-ultimate-round-up-of-wordpress-tutorials – WordPress tutorials and more!

100-wordpress-video-tutorials-from-basic-to-advanced – List of sites which offer free wordpress tutorials!


Free Top WordPress Plugins

SEO Pack – This plugin optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines.

Shortcut Macros – Great plugin for affiliate Marketers!

WPStats – With this plugin you will have precise website stats!

WP Polls – Get feedback from your readers! You can also add a poll into your WP blog!

Exec PHP – This plugin is extremely effective and allows you to execute PHP/javascripts from within individual posts or pages.

Simple Feed Copyright – Add copyright notices at the end of the articles

Subscribe Me – Your visitors can share your content on social media sites.

Bookmark Me – Add bookmark buttons to your pages.

Adsense Manager –This Plugin allows you to manage AdSense ads on your blog.

Max Banner Ads – Add and rotate banners in your wordpress blog anywhere you like without touching any codes!

Adsense Deluxe – Plugin that allows you to quickly insert Google or Yahoo! ads into your blog posts!

Contact Forms – You can add custom contact forms to your blog!

WP Super Cache – It generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

WP Duplicate Content – Check if your blog contains duplicate content!

WP Pretty Links – You can share your URL and cloak links!

DB Backup – Create database backup!

Spam Free – Powerful plugin that eliminates blog comment spam!

Opt-In forms – You can add opt in forms to your blog!

Simple Tags – The perfect plugin to generate lists of Technorati tags.

Digg Digg


Free Twitter Tools

Twitter Feed – It allows to tweet your blog posts

TwitterCounter – Track your Twitter stats!

Topify – Manage your Twitter email notifications!

Twitalyzer – With this tool discover the impact of your Twitter activity!

Twiggit –  When you Digg an article, Twiggit will automatically update your status with the link.

Twazzup – Discover real time tweets!

Twuffer – Schedule your tweets in advance!


Free Squidoo Tips and Tricks

Squidaholic – This tool shows you analytics of your and competitors squidoo lenses!

Squidoo Guide

Squidoo Utils


Free Facebook Tools

Facebook Ads – Create a social ad that reveals itself to visitors of your profile and friends of friends of friends

Facebook Pages – Crea a page for your business,post videos,logos and other marketing stuff!

Facebook Insights – Track your presence and promotion on Facebook.

Ether – You can advertise your expertise and invite friends to call you for advice.

Company Page – Create a page for your business


Free Facebook Marketing Guides

How to Use Facebook Status for Marketing Purposes

Target Niche Audiences With Facebook Advertising

Tips to Marketing on Facebook


Free Facebook Scripts (Superb!)

Input Box – This script allows you to search for and send messages to your friends.

Sliders Mootools – Implement great looking sliders!

Facebook Icons – When chatting with you friends express your emotions with these amazing icons!

Movable Type – Control and aggregate all of your activities around the Internet.

JQuery Auto Suggest – Powerful plugin which “transforms an input field into a real time autocompletion search engine”


Free Social Network Tools and Misc Social Media Tools

Logia Group – Stay updated, with all social networks, sites and blogs.

Meebo – Communicate across many of Instant Message Platforms

Username Check – Check the availability of a username!

BackTweets – Enter a URL into the search bar and it will provide you with a list with every tweet that has ever contained a link to that website.

Wordle – Wordle creates ‘word clouds’ based on the content of a blog/any site with an RSS feed

 SemRush – A tool to find competitor organic search rankings

SocialMention – Real-time social search & scoring.


Free Video Marketing Tools

CamStudio – Free streaming video software!

Jing – Great free screen capture software!

Youtube Marketing

Screen Video Capture


Free Duplicate Content Tools!

Copyscape – Check if your content has not been copied by others!

Article Checker – Check your articles for duplication!

Duplicate Content Checker – Another free tool to check if your content has been copied!


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